Monday, April 26, 2010

Help save something!

It seems that every year a trail spot survives, it is a gift to the riders that pour their lives into that patch of forest. Behind shopping malls or neighborhoods, young people get together and form fantastic creations of dirt. Using intuition, team work, and elbow grease, they turn what was a forgotten plot of earth into a place of fun and magnificent physical performance. “Trails” offer fun without rules passed down by a coach or teacher; fun without a manual to read.
Every year, months of preparation are spent for a brief period of summer, when the fruits of this intense labor can be enjoyed. Months in the snow, stacking up frozen clumps. Months in the mud, giving some semblance of shape to those thawed clumps. Months in the warm glow of the forest, shaping these forms into precise vehicles of flight. These people work hard outside of the woods so that they can come into the woods and pour their lives into these jumps.
What an outsider may see as juvenile activity creates a community of people that learn to work together and learn to work for themselves. Fifteen-year-olds and Thirty-year-olds stand side by side and create what becomes a healthy community.
Behind a neighborhood in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, lies such a place known to the locals as PTT, or more recently, Lovewood. The trails are threatened. They are worse than threatened. They are slotted for the chop block. Old Papa Bull Dozer is going to come marching down the line and push over a decade of hard work. (Think of Fern Gulley PEOPLE!) These trails are the Keystone to an entire community of bike riders, and if it is destroyed, the lives of several people will be greatly punctured by the thorn of loss. A unique and exciting possibility exists. The possibility of buying this land and preserving the trails has come to light. By clicking here, you can donate money directly to help preserve the life of this amazing place and the lives of these young people, who are building something out of nothing. Please help if you can! Anything will help!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rock'n without the Roll'n

The temperatures are rising, but the snow is as stubborn as a drunkard at last call.

It just won't leave. The miniramp at McKinley was nice and dry enough though, but we still said fuck it and went to the trails, where the biggest damn rock was waiting for us.

It looks like some Jack Hammering is about to commence, depending on the disposition of Zimmer and the rain clouds that are headed our way. Powered machines are sick. Dynamite?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She's giving way.

This mud's a mess, but it's a thawed mess.

Good things are coming.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BIke night tomorrow!!

Until then watch this.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hmmm. Not too much to say here, huh?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nut Up and Fuck It!

What do you do when this fella is coming at you?

I can't remember, but I'm glad I took a picture, because that's funny. What's also funny is Wert chest planting a wet bar room floor while he dances to the Beastie Boys. Unfortunately, I only got this table top to show you. "Nut up and Fuck it" was the motto of the night. No one is quite sure what it means, but Wert sure likes it.

The winter monotony is coming on strong. Wednesdays mean B Cubed and Quarter Beers. It's a snow-driven regiment I tell you! And since all we have to look forward to on the ten day forecast is ice and snow, I wouldn't expect a big change anytime soon. Riding? Why not. Check the Wolf.