Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vacation all I ever wanted

So now I have one week of my trip left, and it's been a doooozy so far. It started off with a bang, when Mike Netley and I headed to London to see the Material Girl her self in London.

After a few days of rain in South Hampton we packed up our bikes and headed to Barcelona for a 5 day visit. We met up with 8 other Englishmen and found a hostel in the Placa de Reial.

Spainish beaches are filled with people walked around offering you everything from beers to back massages. Will Herman came to Spain as well and shelled out 5 Euro for a beach rub down while Netley poses as a life guard and fails miseribly in his attempt to achieve a sun tan.

This is Bam Bolino. I bought doughnut from him on the beach for a Euro and the he showed us his California Freestyle. Then he came street riding with us and shreaded the streets while balancing a tray of doughnuts on his head.

After our Spainish visit we returned to England and set out on a 5 day trail road trip. The pissing rain held up long engouh for us to get in good sessions at Chertsy, Oxford, Loughborough, and Leeds. Thanks go out to all the locals for sharing their jumps and Bar BQ skills with us. Now we are back in South Hampton home of the Titanic and I can expect this last weel to be a ship wreck, see yinzs soon-Mark