Friday, October 31, 2008

Lions Prevail?

We still aren't sure if the Lions mauled the Knights, or the Knights slew the Lions. The good news is that everyone drinks too much so we'll have opportunities in the future to reach a verdict. Things are really kicking off down here in Florida (it's this other state that doesn't have Pittsburgh) and make sure to pay attention, because the state of things down here has never been more entertaining.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pics from the Canceled Jam....Jam number 2 on the Way

First off I'd like to thank everyone that came out on Saturday despite the fact that it rained all night Friday and by noon we were telling people it was cancelled. But you can't stop a few determined riders out to help a good cause. Around 40 people said fuck the rain and came out anyway to ride wet jumps and raise money for Mike. To our suprise we raised as much money as we had hope to plan with triple the attendance and we still have enough stuff for a second jam on November the 8th. After the jam Andy Rented out the BBT for an after costume party. It's about 3 Am and I'm leaving for Baco in the morning so i will let the photos do the talking. See you next Week at the Jam---Mark

Friday, October 24, 2008

Keep your fingers crossed people. Not only would rain be stupid for coming and spoiling a day of fun and riding at the Potoczny household, it would also be a real asshole for depriving Mike Aitken and his family of the donations that I KNOW you all want to give. I was out at Mark's yesterday and the amount of really awesome BMX products that are up for grabs is unbelievable. You could literally stock an entire shop with the things that have been donated by Props, Hoffman, Fit, Eastern, DK, Kink, Sparkys, Fox, Odyssey, Mutiny, Solid, United, and other companies. There is a back up plan in the works if that bastardly rain does show up, but you can't rain out a BBT black out party. For those of you of age, make sure to make it to the after party at the Birmingham Bridge Tavern. Thanks to Bavas for that one. Also, plans are being made for a jam at Tim's ramp-barn-funplex in Erie, PA.

On another note, Knights Head lager is ten bucks a case. Long Necks! A bizarre thing happens when you mix a Knights Head with a Lions Head. You get a Dog Head. No Joke. It's the weekend go get some.

Speaking of Dog Heads, for those of you that haven't seen the 'Trail Killer Karaoke Thriller' article of buddy-niceguy Mark Adam Mulville (Rowdy Burns for short), check it out. It's hilarious. Ryan Fudger actually captured the comedy and endless energy that pours out of Mark. I didn't think it was possible.
The tables have turned and it's time for we northerners to be on the run from old man winter. Florida, here we come. Don't forget about BACO. I forecast a lengendary winter for the Casselberry area. Let's kick it off proper.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saturday Saturday Saturday

Saturday is the big day. Now lets just take a minute and do an anti-rain dance and we might have one hell of a time and raise money for Mike. The prizes are rolling in every day and the response has been over welming. Check out all that stuff. The good people at Mutiny were nice enough to send a brand spanking new Burlish frame to be raffled off for the cause. Don't forget to come hungry because we will be selld hot dogs, cheeseburgers and pizza all day. Boner really came through and got Pizza Hut to donate 20 pies to be sold. And don't forget, it's a costume party as well and a prize package will go to the best dressed. IF all that wasn't enough Andy rented out the BBT for an after party and will also be give all proceeds to Mike and his family. So come one come all and lets have a good time while helping out a fellow rider. See Yinz soon Mark P

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aitken Benefit Jam

By now most of you have heard about Mike's accident. Mike is a stand up guy, the kind that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. So lets try and raise some money for him. The jam is only 10 dollars to ride in, no more then a session at an indoor skatepark and all proceeds will go to Mike and his family. With the 10 dollar donation you will recieve one ticket to be placed in a raffle for all the prizes donated by the great companies on this flyer. Additional tickets can be purchased for a dollar. Also, we will have hot dogs and pizza for sale all day during the jam, so come hungry and ready to raise some money for a fellow rider. Check back for more detail on the jam and the prizes we recieve as the jam nears. See yinz soon!!!!